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CELPET (Polyethylene terephthalate foam sheet)
Withstands temperatures up to 220ーC (428ーF)
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Celpet is formed sheet made from extrusion foaming of PET resin.
A crystallization process provides it with high heat resistance, enough to withstand temperatures up to 220ーC.
It is used for a wide range of applications, especially for heat-resistant food containers for both microwave
and conventional ovens, as well as commercial pre-cooked food preparation lines.
Excellent heat resistance
Excellent thermal insulation for heat retention
Excellent cold resistance
Excellent resistance to oils and chemicals
Complies with the standards of Japan's Food Sanitation Law.
Incineration calories of 22,680 kJ/kg (5,400 kcal/kg); lower than PS, PP, or PE.
Commercial pre-cooked food preparation lines
The food is completely pre-cooked at the factory.
At home it can be easily heated in a microwave before eating, providing greater convenience
and a widely varied selection of foods.
Microwave Cooking
When microwaving food right in the container, the excellent thermal insulation means
that the outside of the container remains cooler than a conventional plastic, chinaware, or paper container.
Baking Bread and Confectionaries
Celpet offers many advantages not available with paper or aluminum products.
Bread and confectionaries can be baked on a production line and then supplied to shops
and homes right in the container, helping to lower costs.
Vending Machines
Food products can be heated by a combination of microwave and conventional oven,
meaning that vending machines can provide consumers with food having a better taste and texture.